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If you’ve been following the latest happenings in electronic dance music, Avalon Emerson should ring a bell. The young San Francisco-based DJ and producer made a name for herself this year with her ambitious techno/ house productions “Milk Toast” and her remix of How To Dress Well’s “& It Was U” to name a few.

With support from the likes of XLR8R and Live For The Funk, it’s just a questions of time, until the 23-year-old underground wunderkind reaches the top of the electronic music ladder. We’re honored to present an exclusive guest mix by the young up-and-comer, so sit back, put your headphones on and get lost in Avalon’s excellent selections for MTHRFNKR:

p:Machinery (Polish 12” version) - Propaganda [ZZT]
69th Street Bridge (Crackboy fucks Balearic Edit) - John Carpenter [N.O.L.]
Grand Central Pt 1 (Deep Into the Bowels of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub) - DJ Sprinkles [Mule Musiq]
Loving Sweet Devotion (Sweeter Mix) - Idiater Edwards [Pressure Records]
Iron and Water (Original Mix) - Gingy & Bordello [Turbo]
Dancing in the Dark (Avalon Emerson Ooooooh Oh Yeah Edit) - Mike Mareen [Night’n Day Records]
Pursuit Mix 2 - Da Sampla [Wild Oats]
Sunset Rendezvous (Avalon Emerson Ibiza Pizza Edit) - Cliff Turner [ZYX Music]
Lifesbleach - Karenn [Works The Long Nights]
Panutup - DiskJokke [Smalltown Supersound]
Transitional State 1 - Peter Van Hoesen [Time to Express]
[a dj tool picked up at Mount Analog]
Flash (Carl Craig’s Paperclip People Mix) - Green Velvet [Open]
La Isla Bonita (Avalon Emerson’s 2 to 1 Belize Dollar Edit) - Lucia [Did Records]
Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) - WK7 [Powerhouse]
Shut Up And Dance (Avalon Emerson’s extra innings of strings edit) - The Green Man [Logic Records]
Unreleased Li’l Piece of Intensity 4 U 2 Hear - Avalon Emerson
Untitled Black Label (maybe the most genius release of 2012) [Long Island Electrical Systems] (maybe the most genius release of 2012)

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Check out this excellent mix for @MTHRFNKRMAG from Avalon Emerson.

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    Check out this excellent mix for @MTHRFNKRMAG from Avalon Emerson.
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