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ART SCHOOL DROPOUTS (a post-punk playlist)

  1. Joy Division- Ice Age
  2. Killing Joke- Pssyche
  3. The Birthday Party- Waving My Arms
  4. The Fall- It’s The New Thing!
  5. Pere Ubu- On The Surface
  6. Swell Maps- Helicopter Spies
  7. Magazine- Touch and Go
  8. The Au Pairs- You
  9. A Certain Ratio- Faceless
  10. APB- Shoot You Down
  11. Josef K- Fun N Frenzy
  12. Yeah Yeah Noh- Prick Up Your Ears
  13. The Homosexuals- Hearts In Exile
  14. The Names- Calcutta
  15. The Wake- The Drill
  16. The Fire Engines- Hungry Beat
  17. Section 25- Dirty Disco
  18. Jane & Jeff Hudson- Abadan
  19. Suicide- Shadazz
  20. Big Black- Dead Billy
  21. Chrome- TV As Eyes
  22. 39 Clocks- DNS
  23. Metal Urbain- Ghetto
  24. Cabaret Voltaire- No Escape
  25. The Pop Group- We Are All Prostitutes
  26. James Chance & The Contortions- Designed To Kill
  27. ESG- My Love For You
  28. Gang Of Four- We Live As We Dream, Alone
  29. Wire- Ahead
  30. Public Image Ltd.- The Order Of Death

get it:

Husband, you would like this.

So… THIS is a fantastic post-punk playlist.

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